Kanji Crush

Quelques mots en anglais sur la couleur actuelle de mes procrastinations.

On reste dans la veine suivie depuis que je suis tombé sur la mémorisation par répétitions espacées. (Ces mots étaient initialement adressés à un joueur d’échecs norvégien qui n’est pas champion du monde et qui ne se prénomme pas Magnus.)

« […]

My distraction, at the moment is quite different: I call it « Kanji Crush ».
I took a sort of silent personal challenge of learning the most used Kanji letters on cerego.com.

It started off slowly in october 2014 with the primary school « jōyō kanji » (https://cerego.com/sets/720623 and https://cerego.com/sets/720646). That’s 240 Chinese characters. I was fascinated by this rather easy memorizing of 10 times our alphabet in a rather short timespan and using only a few minutes twice a day.

So I moved on with jōyō Grade 3 and 4, which I added in spring (640 in total).

Then I discovered Remember the Kanji: https://cerego.com/series/3949. That’s a different approach for attacking Kanji in a progressive way starting with elementary radicals and and building more complex letters like LEGO.

Two weeks ago I finished the first step of memorizing the 1247 characters provided by Eleni Roumpou so I had to complete the work and added the following letters. My 6 lessons are here: https://cerego.com/series/4141.

My stupid challenge now, is to have the 2042 RTK Kanjis at level 2 in october 2015.

That’s it I definitely made a fool of myself. Did I tell you, I don’t even plan to learn japanese or any other asian language. No holiday planned. Nothing at all. A complete fool. 🙂 But, hey, it’s at least as much fun as 800 or whatever the number of Candy Crush levels there are ! « 

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